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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> coming up on today in the bay, it could be awhile before police identify a woman found dead in a sunnyvale neighborhood. >> reporter: a missing person case classified as a homicide. coming up, why police believe the missing nursing student never made it out of this parking garage. >> reporter: opponents of the plan to redevelop treasure island get ready to state their case. i'm marla tellez.
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how about a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. expecting a warm up. it's tuesday, june 7th. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. you made it to tuesday, 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at the forecast. it could have overcast skies to start the day. i want to see how things are shaping up with christina. >> no better way to tell the story than to show you the seven day climb. 80 degrees by thursday. the overnight lows are jumping up to the mid-50s. we have a beautiful next couple days to look forward to. a couple changes on the way for the weekend. why and how to plan around them. let's get you to work right now. 6:01. how are things mike? >> we'll get the maze in on a nice easy drive. look at the toll plaza. the low clouds are hovering around. we have been talking about the
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fact the fog might be developing in an hour from now from the peninsula. we'll get back to the maze and the maps. the speeds are nice approaching the area. look at antioch. it's significant at bay point. they have to go somewhere. it's going to hit the rest of the roads. >> thank you very much. this morning, we have developing news, the search for a missing hayward student has taken a turn. police think michelle was killed while taking a break from hospital rounds. christie smith is live with an update on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the worst possible news for family members. police are now saying they think it's no longer a missing person's case but someone targeted and killed michelle in this parking garage here. police point to video footage from the garage.
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evidence and cell phone records and interviews as reasons why they believe the nursing student was killed. she was last seen on may 27th where she left kaiser permanente and told classmates she was stepping out to get items from the car. her abandoned car was found a few blocks from the hospital. >> based on compelling evidence we have recovered during the course of our investigation throughout the week, the police department is officially classifying this case as a homicide. >> reporter: police say they have questioned many people including what they are calling persons of interest. they will not say if they are focusing on one specific person. they point to evidence from multiple search warrants. the fbi is saying they will help
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search around the east bay. the family has been critical of the police department and wanted the fbi to take a lead. they are expected to make a statement today. friends and family have not given up hope of finding her alive. >> that poor family. thank you very much. maybe a few more days before we find out the identity of a woman found in a garbage bag. a homeowner came home and noticed the bag next to some bushes. investigators are trying to figure out why her body was dumped on ticonderoga drive. without her identity, it will be hard to put it together. the gruesome discovery has neighbors rattled. >> i think someone from way out of the area put it there. must have. >> the coroner will use the dental records and dna to help make an identification. police have two teenagers in
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custody for the fatal shooting of a 3-month-old baby. he tied from a gunshot wound to the head. gang members beat the suspect on may 31st. the 17-year-old is charged with murder. the 16-year-old faces weapons charges. the man accused of beating bryan stow may have proof he didn't do it. attorneys say the l.a.p.d. has surveillance video. they say in the video, ramirez has a full head of hair proving he could not have beaten stow. the man who beat stow was bald. plans to transform treasure island could be delayed, again. marla tellez is live on treasure island with an update.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 3,000 people call treasure island home. they have some conveniences like the island market and deli you can hopefully see behind me. off in the distance, there's a marina. there's a couple wineries on treasure island. but, the city of san francisco wants to make it more convenient and turn this, what was a naval station into an urban village. this plan would boost the population to 19,000. it calls for 8, 000 residential yunlts, 140,000 units of commercial space. new roads, a library, a school, ferry terminal, open space for recreational facilities. it's a $1.5 billion project. it's already approved by the san francisco planning commission.
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some environmental groups including the golden gate audubon society and sierra club/ lookingtyñrthe is vulnerability to tsunamis and earthquakes. the appeal will happen at 5:00. the one thing you cannot argue now, the gorgeous views from treasure island. the skyline, the bay bridge. the golden gate here. you can see it all. >> no kidding. it is beautiful there. understand both sides of the issue. get ready to pay an extra dollar to ride a cable car. it will cost $6 to hop on board. muni is raising fast pass by $2.
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adult pass, $72. fare evaders face a fine of $100. the increase is part of the two-year plan to balance the budget. let's check the forecast and hope to get away from the showers following us around. >> i know. we can't get a break, it seems like. we are getting a bit of a break. today looks fantastic. if you want to make outdoor plans, you are going to get a chance to this weekends. high pressure is in control taking the storm track well into canada. we have a piece of energy left over. this is what brought the rainshowers over the weekend. it's pushing to the north. as it continues to push to the north, it's driving in the on shore flow. you can see the blip of green. the marine layer is inland. we have cloudy conditions in san francisco and livermore. it's not the case all day. by 4:00 p.m., it's a case where
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you can hardly find a cloud in the sky. 57 degrees in hayward. as we head through noon, this is what's expected to look like in the city. the clouds are expected to break apart. 60 degrees in the city if you are headed there for work. 65 degrees, the clouds clear out of here. a gorgeous second half of the day. the temperatures keep climbing as we head into thursday, friday, two of the best days of the week. tomorrow is not too bad. 68 in redwood city. 65 in san francisco. warmer in oakland today. 67 degrees. 75 up in wine country. santa rosa is going to be one of the warmest cities in the area. thursday, 80s inland. more toward the low 70s at the coast. san francisco, you will see 70 degree days for thursday and friday. clouds for the weekend. if you are trying to get your
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tan on, you are not going to have as good of an opportunity for that. somebody who is always trying to get their tan on. >> you don't get taxed on that. let's go to the area of livermore. westbound 580 for your commute. eastbound is where the debris showed up. i told you about the ball of fire reported. chp has to head out there. it was rolling around the slow lane. it's opposite your commute. there's westbound. 16 minute drive out of the altamont pass. 28 is scary there. we're looking over here in the south bay. at 41 on the right, that's slowing around the telly construction project. it's typical for the morning. the northbound speed sensors. no updates for the earlier truck fire north of there. it doesn't sound like any lanes are blocked. we are looking north hayward, a
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smooth flow. a live shot at oakland, 880 past the coliseum. a little bit of haze in the air. we watch the fog along the coast. >> balls of tire. >> exactly. >> what is that? >> i have no idea. >> thanks a lot. 6:10 now. where santa clara stands to build a new stadium for the 49ers today. >> reporter: i'm bob redell outside the other stadium, where excitement is building for the largest rock and roll tour ever. finally making a stop here in the bay area. >> that gets started in 12 hours. here is a little in the
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3w4r57 welcome back, everyone. a beautiful live look outside coit tower that will be lit later this week commemorating the lives of the fallen firefighters. it's going to be lit red. it is 6:14 right now. a change in the name for what's been known as the oakland coliseum. i's the they are unveiling the name tonight because of these guys coming in, u-2. we want to check in with bob redell. he's live out there making new friends, i would imagine. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. when you are talking about the
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world's largest rock and roll tour ever and all you have are general admission standing room only, it's a good idea to get her early. first in, closest to the stage. it's the largest rock and roll tour. it's made the most money so far and been the most well attended. they have been on tour since 2009. when it's all said and done, the 360 degree tour, as it's known, will have 310 concerts. it's kicking off in 12 hours. it looks like 100 people are lined up out here. you have been out here since when? >> sunday at noon. >> reporter: this is your 75th concert? >> indeed. >> reporter: you can tell us by experience it will be worth the wait?
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>> oh, yes. >> reporter: where do you expect to sit or stand? >> we are aiming for front row. >> reporter: where you can lick the front shoes? >> yeah. >> reporter: what it's like compared to nosebleed tickets? >> it's like pogo jumping. >> reporter: your ears are ringing for how long afterwards. >> three days. >> reporter: we have video of this. it's considered to be the largest touring stage ever. it's 190 feet tall. what is it like being under that thing? >> it's hard to describe. it looks something like a spaceship. they have all these videos. you can see it from anywhere you are in the stadium. >> reporter: hence the 360 degree tour. bono wanted everyone to have a good seat. >> there's no bad seat in the
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house. >> reporter: what are you going to do for the next 12 hours? >> party a little bit. i organize a tailgate as well. >> reporter: thanks for speaking with us. the fans are organizing the order of the line. she's been here since sunday at noon. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: yeah. i was on this morning. there's tickets available. cheap seats $49. >> i heard the only ones left are over $200. >> ticketmaster said $280. i saw them all. i didn't make the purchase. >> did you see bono? he was out hitchhiking in canada. >> reporter: he was out -- did you hear about this? he was in vancouver. he was out with his assistant, got caught in the rain. an edmonton oiler picked him up.
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bono invited them, him and his girlfriend to see the show in vancouver or edmonton. whatever. i'm getting the tickets mixed up. not a bad gig. >> they made him sit in the back of the truck with the dog. you never know who you are picking up. you have to be careful. 6:18 now. are you a fan of the 49ers? we should get an update on the stadium project in santa clara. they will provide an update on what's being accomplished so far. they are laying out the frame work for the construction financing. the public is welcome to give their input at the session. it's going to start at 7:00 at santa clara city hall. what about the forecast? >> i'm loving the renderings how the weather is perfect as you
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fly through the stadium. it's going to look like that today. go figure. looking nice for the second half of the day. areas of fog that i'm noticing. warm today. gorgeous day. one of the warmest we have had in weeks. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s in cities across the bay. we continue to climb thursday and friday morning. when you wake up, it's finally going to look like summertime. 55 degrees in livermore. we are headed to 70 degrees at noon as you break for lunch. we are going to round out the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. mild along the peninsula and the water. 67 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. 70 in santa cruz. giants game. they take on the nationals. hopefully, they get another win out there. i think weather will be nice for you. if you are going to be out there, take a jacket just in
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case. breezy. 61 degrees. as we see the sun go down, temperatures drop like a rock. to start the game, it's going to be perfect. 80 by thursday. then this weekend, nice and comfortable. room temperature weather. you want to get outside this weekend if you couldn't last weekend. >> thank you. it's 6:19 right now. half-moon bay could be losing police officers. we'll tell bal why, coming up next. lookq out go down as you head through the east bay. the tire ball has been cleared. a lo. that isside o.c that is the claw.b2jpvfytt1a3 e.
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tickets still eleofefgcn outsid good tuesday morning to you. take a look at this. live look outside the pyramid. you can see it, not covered in clouds. going to make way for better temperatures as we move through the week. 6:23 now. mike, you have been finding unusual things on p roadway to >> i didn't see this until just now. westbound highway 4, a new accident reported. it's in the red zone, the
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slowing at a street. one car involved in a hit run, the ece fhe ben xinte's t. coming off the carquinez bridge, westbound 880, down the east shore freeway, a smooth drive. it will slow as the volume increases and metering lights were turned on. a live look at the toll plaza. we have had five minutes for it to form. the fast lanes are coming down. the low clouds still hovering. fog and visibility not an issue now. this is a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge.
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low clouds hovering make the sun reflect. in one spot you need the in opot,pot you need the sunglasses. >> thank you tsheriff'ssç0 in half-moon bay. they will in half. spots%5 would outsourcing. s sco to save $500,000. the sheriff's office would take over. economi valley, a bright spot on wall street with apple's latest announcement. scott budman has a look. >> good morning. i could talk about the global economic slowdown sent the s&p 500 to the lowest level since march but there's still a silver lining. that comes from a cloud, here in silicon valley. let's go to san francisco where
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apple ceo solut jobs second appearance since taking medical worldwide conference 2011 taking center stage, i-cloud. this is apple's solution to having you have to sync your mobile devices. two thing that is stick out in i-cloud. for one thing, you don't have to be on the pc anymore. it's happening via wi-fi. this is jobs take on the post pc world where everything is mobile. your phone is a computer. your tablet certainly a computer. the second thing, if you sync from the cloud, each song that you bring down, each photo you bring down will be brought down to all of your mobile devices simultaneously. if you bookmark an e-book on one device, send it to the cloud,
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you can pick up the book in the exact same place you bookmark it on the mobile devices. the idea being you are not on the mobile devices. the idea being you are not chained loud. apple is sinking billions of dollars on this. they are taking on established companies like google and not to mention it will be interesting to see if apple can make it easier to use. the conference takes place all week. check out the latest apple has to offer software wise in san francisco. back to you. >> all right. having your sure> rvrvin te interviewrom the mother of a 3-moh-old shoand kikilled in east palo alto.
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police say it is now a murder investigation. the latest on the disappearance of michelle lei next in a live report. the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here
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for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> up+ [ ba fornkor coming up on today in the bay, two teens arrested for the death of a 3-month-old boy. the victim's mother has an emotional message for those suspects. >> reporter: a missing person's case is now a homicide. i'm christie smith live in hayward. coming up, why hayward police student never made it out of this parking lot alive. >> reporter: it's not the spectacular views from treasure island they are against. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'm going to explain why environmental groups oppose the redevelopment of this area
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coming up. >> look at the sun coming up. you can see the golden gate bridge in the distance there. finally, a taste of spring with the looks outside. good morning. thanks for joining us. 6:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's take a look at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you.wr%e i'll going to be gorgeous. mostly conditions. abundant sunshine. the temperatures climb from the 50s, where we are now to the 70s. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be in your city in moments. this is when the roadways start to get crowds, mike. >> you are right. it's what's happening now. westbound 80, your commute toward carlson boulevard, i was barely able to get it on the map. a couple cars. three cars, two involved on the shoulder. it's going to cause slowing.
6:32 am
the game in the city is tonight. right now, the immediate effect is because the metering lights were turned on. we get a live look at the toll plaza. the back up is forming. some folks held up on the east shore freeway. a lot of folks coming through the maze. /u >> we have an update on the search for a missing hayward student. it's certainly taken a turn. police announce they believe michelle lei is dead. christie smith is live with the latest on the investigation this morning. >> reporter: good morning to the worst possible news the michelle lei'sé< have searc ce inte it out of this parking lot. they believe she was targeted
6:33 am
and killed. police did not release a lot of information. they reached this based on interviews, cell phone records and forensic exam of her car and the kaiser permanente parking lot here, including video tape. she told classmates she was stepping out to get items from her car. she took her cell phone and keys. her car found a few blocks away. police have questioned a number of people. >> during the course of discussions and during the course of questioning a number of people, we have had persons of interest come up in the case. whether or not we focus on one individual person of interest or not, i can't say at this time. >> reporter: the police conducted a number of searches including in the east bay hills. they are expected to go back and get help from the sheriff's department and the fbi. the family wants the fbi to take
6:34 am
the lead in this being frustrated by the pace of the investigation headed up by hayward p.d. the statement by police was given after the family announced the reward to find her was up to $65,000. >> because they say it's a person of interest, possibly involved in it, does it mean it wasn't a random case or are police saying that? >> reporter: they are saying, in thinker words, this is not someone who jumped out of the bushes and attacked her. they believe she was targeted. by who, that's the question. >> thanks so much. 6:34 now. the teenagers accused in a shooting death of a 3-month-old boy are in custody. he died from a gunshot wound to the head sunday. two teenagers who shot them were retaliating for a gang beating and didn't realize they had the
6:35 am
wrong target. his mother tried to protect the boy and his brother with her body. >> they destroyed my family. they killed my baby and they killed part of my soul, too. >> tragic, tragic. senseless crime. this is a sketch of the 17-year-old. he's charged with murder. his 16-year-old accomplice faces weapons charges. what is the worldcoming to. the jury needs another look at a key witness testimony. yesterday, jurors asked for a reback of testimony from the trigger man regarding the killing of michael wills. police say he was targeted because he was white. the former leader of your black muslim bakery and a former member are on trial for the 2007 killings of wills and oakland journalist chauncey bailey and
6:36 am
another man. the jury has been deliberating for more than two weeks. heavier bay area bridge commutes. the project to build a new destination get away is up for debate today. marla tellez is live on treasure island where we are talking about all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.v1.= )"úm;x+haveleft' bay bridge. a view of both bridges. when it comes to convenience, not so much. you have to drive to oakland or not so much. you have to drive to oakland or san francisco yourer errands done. san francisco wants to change
6:37 am
that and turn the island into an urban village. nearly 3,000 people live here and it would boost the population to 19,000. 8,000 residential units, shopping district, office space, new roads, a library and ferry terminal. it's been approved by the san francisco planning commission p board of supes. the w gate audubon society and sierra club filed an appeal saying they didn't consider the projects impacts on the bay bridge and the added traffic it would bring. the vulnerability from a tsunami or earthquake and the effect it would have on affordable housing here. the board will hear the appeal tonight at city hall at a 5:00 meeting. even if the plan moves forward, it's not as if it's going to be transformed overnight. they call for a 20 year
6:38 am
redevelopment plan. >> it would be amazing to bring the pictures to life. we'll see. thanks so much, marla. >> pretty view out there. i want to check the forecast with christina. >> nice, considering we are not going to have >> nice, considering we are not going to have on us. the fog we have out there is mostly confined to the north bay and it's light. you have four miles of visibility or better. we are known as seeing the marine push. we have fromf$ conditions. i think the cloud deck will break apart before we hit noon. it's light out there now. high pressure compresses the moisture that lingers from the storm saturday and sunday. you get the fog and dry air. we lose the chance of fog each and every day through the weekend. high pressure is going to set up over the bay area. by friday, we get a minor offshore flow. friday, thursday, looking like
6:39 am
the warmest days of the week. today, mid-70s. koesz upper 60s. here is the forecast. 55 in livermore now. as you break for lunch, you are going to jump up to 70 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures warm up to the mid-70s. upper 70s in some situations. fairfield, 76 degrees. southern california, they are going to start to see the 90 degree days for the weekend. i have the seven day coming up. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be. we're going to break that down for you. let's find out if anyone is slowing down on the highway. >> we have a smash up going on here. watching it off the east shore freeway, it is westbound around carlson boulevard. because of all the cars on the shoulder, three vehicles are involved here, we are seeing slowing. a 20 minute drive toward the
6:40 am
toll plaza where the metering lights are on. the back up past the 880 heading toward west grand avenue. it's built up quite a bit in six minutes. the volume of traffic is looking good. lighter volume on the north side. the headlights heading to the south bay where we check the speed sensors here. also the expressway. reports of geese. there might be honking. >> are you making this up? >> there are so many things in the roadway today. >> it's your anniversary. happy anniversary laura. >> tell me if you see brent on the roadways. still to come, tim lincecum took giants fans on a bumpy ride. but, he hit a milestone along the way. a congressman finally comes clean about pictures sent to women over the latest from washington next in a live report. [ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you.
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yeah, we all got nana box's nose (chuckles).
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first, he claimed he was hacked. now, congressman anthony weiner admits sending revealing photos of himself to a college student. tracie potts has a look at whether or not he can keep his job. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it may depend on the investigation. top democrats are asking for one. he doesn't want to step down. let the voters decide whether or not he should keep his job. he believes he hasn't broken any
6:44 am
house rules. he lied about it being a hacking situation. he did send not only the photo, which he ended up posting by mistake publicly. it's when he panicked. also, he's been talking with a number of other women in inappropriate conversations on twitter, facebook, e-mail, telephone. now it will focus on whether or not he used your tax dollars to do it. >> it's crazy. i can't believe it. not attractive at all. >> not a big sur prize in d.c. we have seen a lot of scandals here. >> how many times have we seen this. seriously, you know. thank you very much. you are a good sport. let's move on to a little baseball, shall we? ed lee will throw out the first pitch. here is a guy who knows a little bit about pitching. tim lincecum. he came into the game five
6:45 am
strikes away from 1,000 in his career. in the second inning, he gets a guy swinging to end the inning. number 1,000. good for him. nice record. nice record. lincecum did give up four runs. they rallied late. they tied the washington nationals. the game went into extra innings. the 13th inning, sanchez drives in the winning run. giants win, 5-4. eight walk-off wins this season. second most in the major leagues. all right. love to see them run to the field. the warriors have a new head coach. mark jackson was named head coach last night. jackson has not been a coach but he was a star player. he knows a little something about the game. he's currently an analyst for abc and covering the nba finals. they signed him to a three-year,
6:46 am
$6 million deal. sounds familiar to christina loren. she's got a look at the forecast. >> $6 million. i have 6 million pennies, maybe. we are looking good now. pesos are more along the lines of my financial situation. weather headlines, we have an interesting set up. throughout the morning hours, we continue to see the marine push dissipate. it is absolutely clear over most of the bay area now. mostly cloudy conditions. we are seeing these changes. it's starting to feel more like summertime. the first official day is the 21st of this month. the sunrise-sunset times indicating it's close to summertime. the sun doesn't go down until 8:30. you have a cloud deck hugging the coast. it didn't push all the way inland. if you are waking up in livermore, it's clear in your
6:47 am
area. cloudy up in the north bay. warm conditions today. a building breeze. temps keep climbing throughout the week. we are already in the 50s. as we head throughout each and every day this week, we start in the 50s. it's going to feel better. 55 degrees. take a look at what happens by 4:00 p.m. clear conditions. yeah. a bit of a building breeze. it drives the cloud cover out of the area. it's going to be one of those days. we don't get a lot of them where we have spectacular sunshine. 70s. 72 degrees in fremont. 72 in san jose. you can't complain. it's not too hot, not too cold. if you are going to see the giants, you picked the right day. breezy conditions. 61 degrees. at&t park, yep, there's going to be a full house with weather like this. 80 degrees thursday. we have a day game tomorrow at 12:45. >> nice. >> that should be nice.
6:48 am
i don't know if you are busy after work i think we should go. >> i think we should. the weather puts everybody in a nice mood, too. gamers getting an eyeful at the arts expo in l.a. we are going to go live to the expo, coming up. >> reporter: more than 40 hours on an overpass. what would possess anyone to stand out here for that time? the world's largest rock and roll tour. the countdown is on for u-2. >> oh, yeah. they are going to be playing 30 years worth of hits when they hit the stage tonight. here is one of them. we'll be right back.
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good tuesday morning to you. look at that. the great weather puts everyone in a great mood. live look over san francisco. you can see the top of the transamerica pyramid. 6:51 now. lots of things out there on the roadway. mike. >> puts people in a great mood, except the commute. maybe they are cheery. a 23 minute ride down the freeway off the carquinez bridge. richmond, an earlier accident. a live look at the toll plaza shows the back up steady.
6:52 am
there's movement there. traffic is not completely slammed. we'll show you the maps toward antioch where there's quite a bit of slowing. it's slower than 10 miles per hour. pittsburgh and bay point, 60s in that area. focus of the traffic is bogging down around north livermore avenue. typical there. 580 is smooth. coming through castro valley and a look at the san mateo bridge. haze in the air. fog along the coast in an hour or so. the drive along the peninsula is smooth. back to you, laura. >> thank you very much. people are already lining up this morning for a huge concert and a newly renamed venue in the east bay. bob redell is live at this morning. lots of folks out there. >> reporter: we have over 100
6:53 am
people. they are the people that are going to get in for general admission. they want to get to the front of the stage where it's standing room only. you have the first shot of seeing bono and the other guys perform. this is the u-2 360 tour. this is the largest rock and roll tour, ever in terms of the amount of money they have raised. since '09 they have been on tour. we have three ladies here who showed up last night to get their spot in line. this is your fifth u-2 tour. you went to school in ireland, the home of u-2 but you never saw them there? >> no, i dnlt. >> reporter: you have seen them how many times? >> 100 times. >> reporter: what keeps you coming back? >> they are positive. they are always looking out for people. they are humanitarians, great
6:54 am
people to look up to and aspire to be. they, you know, you can -- they -- you can -- they live by example and they totally present themselves as really, really great people. they walk the talk. >> reporter: you are from ireland and had to come to america to see your home country band for the first time? what gives? >> i was too young to see them. the opportunity turned up and i said i would go. >> reporter: it's a source of pride when you hear about them? >> definitely. >> reporter: kind of like the rolling stones of america. what brings you out on this cool tuesday morning? >> i have always loved u-2. they are a great band. the music is classic. they live by example. they set a great example for the rest of us. they are wonderful guys. >> reporter: you shouldn't have. that's lovely. >> i know.
6:55 am
i know. >> reporter: have you ever thrown flowers to him before? >> i handed them to him in the early '90s. i went to so many of those shows. i started bringing sunflowers. it's been awhile. >> she's hoping he'll remember. >> reporter: i'm sure he'll remember. you're the lady with the cropped hair. i remember you. the gates open around 7:00. these people in line cannot get on the field, but on to the coliseum. >> looks exciting. >> reporter: i was on ticketmaster. there's still tickets available selling from 40 to 280. >> you didn't get me a birthday present so you can do that. >> reporter: my ear piece went out, i didn't hear you. microsoft making one of the first big splashes, showing off
6:56 am
a trailer for halo 4. lots of folks love this one. the halo franchise is a huge moneymaker for microsoft. the company is rereleasing it this november. we expect much more big news from microsoft when e-3 officially gets under way. mark is live in los angeles to show us a little bit of what we are going to see today. very cool out there. >> yeah. i feel like a kid in a candy store. i'm sure a lot of your viewers would be if they were at e-3. you get your hands on tomorrow's games and hardware today. this is the show where all the big products make a debut including the play station vita. this is the new handheld gaming system to preplace the handheld portable system. vita means life. if you see the graphics, you'll see how it gets its name.
6:57 am
life like graphics. comfortable to control. there's touch screens, a panel that's touch enabled. there's buttons. you can tilt it. it's like a council for your pocket. it's an amazing piece of hardware. there's going to be a lot of success with this. a game that we didn't get a chance to talk about, one of my favorites, the elder scrolls sky rim. if you are into fantasy, check this out. look at the graphics. it's available november on x-box 360, play station 3. you explore vast worlds and interact with dragons. it's a lot of fun. whether you are new to the franchise or a long-term fan. this has been great to share with you guys. >> yeah. no kidding. you have a tough assignment there but very cool.
6:58 am
>> got my thumbs ready. >> i bet. everything in time for the holidays, no doubt. thanks for joining us. today show is coming up next. have a great day. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate.
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